About Genki Cupboard

At Genki Cupboard we serve up reviews and opinion on the latest and greatest anime, video games and music to come from Japan. Based in North East England, the site has served the local anime community since 2012, first as Genki Up North then from 2013 as Genki Cupboard; the very site you see today!

All articles on this site are written by myself, Matthew Tinn. This project began as I wanted to continue spreading my thoughts on Japanese culture after leaving my post as president of Northumbria Students’ Union’s Japanese Animation and Culture Society and graduating from Northumbria University in 2013. I’m pretty knowledgeable about the subject as I’ve been into Japanese culture since the mid 2000s and have experienced a wide variety of Japanese stuff. My main interests are anime, music and video games. These days I’m mostly into Aikatsu and other idol anime, but I try to consume everything and anything. If you want to contact me you can do so via Twitter: @emperor_ing

For something to the featured on this website it must originate or have been created in Japan, or by or involving a Japanese person. This means that anime is any animated work by a studio based in Japan, and video games can be any video game created by a Japanese studio. Music artists featured are a bit looser, but it should be that the artist is either Japanese or is based in Japan.

Review Scores Explained

Review scores go from 10 (highest) to 1 (lowest). They generalise the feeling of the product being reviewed but should only be taken as a rough guide. 10s and 1s are extremely rare, as nothing is ever that perfect or that bad. I refrain from taking 7 as a mid-point as in the games journalism industry. Anything above 5 should be seen as positive, 5 average, then anything below 5 as negative.

10 – Outstanding
Utter perfection. Has smashed all expectations and will set a standard for years and decades to come.

9 – Great
A masterpiece with very few flaws. A must-buy.

8 – Very Good
A great experience that is worth your time and effort.

7 – Good
Well done, however some places disappoint

6 – Fair
Okay. Some will get more out of it than others, but has enough good points to recommend

5 – Average
Not good, but not bad either. May have some outstanding moments.

4- Poor
A poor effort that is difficult to recommend on face-value alone.

3 – Bad
A bad experience that cannot be recommended.

2- Very Bad
Avoid like the plague.

1 – Atrocious

Set it on fire and bury the ashes.