Genki Cupboard Podcast

The Genki Cupboard podcast is a monthly show featuring opinions, reviews and Japanese music. We use Mixcloud to host our shows which enables us to have a format that creates an experience that is a combination of live radio and podcast. The Genki Cupboard podcast is an evolution of Genki Up North (see below). Each podcast can be heard from the homepage using the podcast player widget or you can go to http://www.mixcloud.com/GenkiCupboard/.

Genki Up North

Genki Up North is the former radio show that broadcast on Sunday evenings on Newcastle Student Radio (NSR). Featuring the latest and greatest Japanese music, the show covers bits of everything – anison, J-Pop, J-Rock and K-Pop. This original show ran from October 2012 to February 2013, and you can listen to any of the previous shows by hitting the mixcloud page at: http://www.mixcloud.com/genkiupnorth/

More Japanese Music

If it’s more Japanese music you want, check out NekoDesu, an anime music radio show airing on thisisthecat.com every Saturday 9pm – 11pm UK time. There’s also the TV programme J-Melo, which airs on NHK World at regular intervals from Sunday evening to Monday morning (UK time).