Genki Cupboard Podcast December 2018

It’s the Genki Cupboard Podcast for December 2018! In the final one for the year, I go over what I’ve been doing the past few months: attending Scotland Loves Anime, seeing the new Pokémon film and attending Miku Expo 2018. There’s also returning features such as Idol Time and Movers & Shakers, our look at the Japanese music charts.

Once again we have two versions:

You can listen to the full edition of the podcast with music on Mixcloud or via our podcast player on the homepage.

You can listen to the copyright-free edition of the podcast without music on Soundcloud and iTunes.

Music featured on the full edition includes:

  • Sasaki Sayaka – SCARLET MASTER
  • PandaBoY – Tell Your World (PandaBoY Remix)
  • Kaguya from BEST FRIENDS! – 偶然、必然。

If you have any questions about the site, podcast or Japanese culture in general, send a tweet to @GenkiCupboard. Until next time, happy listening!