January 2014 Podcast

It may be the last day of the month, but the podcast is finally here! Click here to listen on Mixcloud ( http://www.mixcloud.com/GenkiCupboard/genki-cupboard-podcast-january-2014/ ) or alternatively listen via the player on the homepage.

On the podcast this month:

  • Usual pick of this month’s J-culture news
  • Another look at Metroid and where it could go next
  • A look at East Asia TV, the controversial upcoming Sky TV channel
  • Some cool Japanese music from EXILE, BACK-ON, the GazettE and Perfume.

As usual, any questions about the site, podcast or Japanese culture in general, send a tweet to @GenkiCupboard. Stay tuned for next month where we’ll have an idol special, covering the likes of the ’48 franchise, Morning Musume (and their new branding monkier), Momoiro Clover Z, new idol anime Wake Up, Girls!, and everyone’s favourite: Aikatsu!