Welcome to Genki Cupboard

New Updates

While the website has been harboured with delays, it’s finally time to get the ball rolling! The site will change around a bit in the coming weeks, but I’ll be posting articles about my trip to Japan this summer in the run-up to Christmas. In the new year I’ll be reviewing approximately 20-30 shows from the Winter 13/14 season, as well as putting up some features I’ve had for a while. The rebirth of Genki Cupboard is finally upon us! Enjoy!


Genki Cupboard is a new, small Japanese culture project based in the UK.

The project unofficially began in October 2012 with the establishment of Genki Up North, a 1-2 hour weekly Japanese music radio show on Newcastle Student Radio. Ran in association with Northumbria Students’ Union’s Japanese culture, Animation and Comics Society, the show, while relatively new, attracted a section of regular listeners from around the UK.

In an effort to expand on what the radio show offered, the Genki Cupboard project was established as a solo project in March 2013. The project aims to combine the radio show with reviews, commentary and opinions on Japanese pop culture.

Project director and editor Matthew Tinn is an aspiring games and software programmer and occasional writer. First presenting a Japanese music show on the now defunct forum radio for the Official Nintendo Magazine, he has gone on to hold presidency of Northumbria Students’ Union’s Japanese culture, Animation and Comics Society from June 2012 – May 2013, as well as establish Genki Up North.