Genki Cupboard Podcast January 2018

It’s time for the first podcast of 2018!

This time on the podcast:

  • We take a look at a selection of anime from the new winter season and try to decipher just what is Pop Team Epic
  • In Idol Time we celebrate Momoiro Clover Z as fan favourite Momoka departs from the group, and reveal some big news for AIkatsu fans
  • And we have Movers & Shakers, showcasing what’s hot in Japan right now.

Our featured music tracks this month are:

  • Perfume – Cosmic Explorer
  • Gumi – Catch You Catch Me
  • Keyakizaka46 – Kaze ni Fukuretemo
  • Sena & Nanase from AIKATSU☆STARS! – Message of a Rainbow
  • Momoiro Clover Z – HAPPY Re:BIRTHDAY

You can listen via Mixcloud or our homepage player.

As usual, any questions about the site, podcast or Japanese culture in general, send a tweet to @GenkiCupboard. Until next time, happy listening!